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Friday, October 29, 2021

No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet

Kids will love making their own No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppets!

No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet

Want to help make a difference in your community? This No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet (inspired by I Heart Crafty Things) is such a fun and interactive craft for kids, but it's also a great project to put together in a craft kit to donate to your local children's hospitals, shelters, or schools. I am making a trip to Florida this week, and am making a bunch butterfly kits to donate to Give Kids the World Village, where children with critical illnesses and their families are treated to a memorable vacation. It makes me happy knowing that I can bring a little bit of joy to these families with a simple mess-free craft that they can do together.

Cricut Maker machine

When making craft kits, there is a lot of cutting involved. To save your hands from cramping, a Cricut machine is a lifesaver because you can cut so many pieces at once! I used my Maker to cut the pattern out of OlyFun fabric in multiple colors. I cut the fabric on the Burlap setting, using the Rotary Blade tool.

Download the No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet Pattern (PERSONAL USE ONLY)
Download includes SVG cut file, and printable PDF for hand cutting.

No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet

Separate the body and wing pieces. If you are cutting multiple colors of fabric like I did, cut the same amount of sets for each color (for example: 25 kits, I cut 5 sets of each color). Pair different colored bodies and wings together for all of the pieces. Set the pairs aside.

No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet

To complete the butterflies, you will also need some Zots adhesive, wiggly eyes, craft gems, and white pipe cleaners. These supplies should be plenty, but you can get creative and add in any other accessories that you'd like!

No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet

Cut a white pipe cleaner into fourths. Fold one of the fourths into a "V" and poke each end up through the cuts in the top of the head. Carefully bend the edges down and curl them to look like antennae. Cut a Zots adhesive circle into fourths and use 1/4 piece for each wiggly eye and attach them below the antennae.

For a craft kit, you would need two 1/4 Zots pieces, two wiggly eyes, and one pipe cleaner piece for each butterfly.

No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet

I used circle gems in 3 different sizes to decorate the wings, but any size and shape will work. It's all about the sparkle, right?! Attach the larger gems with a whole Zots adhesive circle, and the smaller ones with 1/4 pieces.

For a craft kit, you would need four whole Zots circles, ten 1/4 Zots pieces, 4 large gems, 4 medium gems, and 6 small gems (14 gems total) for each butterfly.

Gently roll up one of the wings and bring it up through the side slit in the body. Once it's pulled through, flatten the wing back out and repeat for the other wing to complete the project. Make sure the straight section in the middle of the wings is behind the body piece.

For a craft kit, place all of the supplies into a self-adhesive cellophane bags. For instructions, I added a small piece of paper with the link to this post as a referral.

No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet

Slide a finger between the body and the straight section of the wing on the back. Pull the wings forward to tighten the fit. Wiggle your finger to bring the butterfly finger puppet to life! Every butterfly made will be unique, and kids will be so proud of themselves once completed.

Another reason I chose a butterfly for this craft kit donation is because a butterfly often symbolizes change, hope, endurance, and courage, which all of those sweet kids and families need at Give Kids the World Village.

As always, I would love to see your creations! Share your creations on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest! #AFMCrafts

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No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet

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