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Friday, January 18, 2019

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Dino fans everywhere will roar for these DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs inspired by Disney Junior's Gigantosaurus!

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Do you have a dinosaur enthusiast at home? We sure do! My daughter has been obsessed with them for years, and I never realized how uneducated I was about dinosaurs until now. We just got to take a sneak peek at Disney Junior's newest show, Gigantosaurus, and our little dino-maniac couldn't have been more excited. What better way to celebrate this new show than by hatching some fun and easy-to-make DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs?!

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Gigantosaurus on Disney Junior

Gigantosaurus is Disney Junior's newest animated series based on the adorable book, Gigantosaurus, by Jonny Duddle. Go on fiercely-fun adventures with four dinosaur friends: Rocky, Tiny, Bill and Mazu. The series will premiere on January 18, 2019 on Disney Channel as part of the Disney Junior block.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

This was our first time making bath bombs. Turns out, they are a lot of fun to make and are surprisingly easy. We hit a few bumps along the way on our first try, but learned from our mistakes and they turned out great! Bath bombs are fun to make for yourself (or the kid in this case), or would be a thoughtful handmade gift to share with friends.

To make your own roar-some Dinosaur Bath Bombs, you'll need these supplies:

*Another option: you can use a Bath Bomb Base kit instead of purchasing the ingredients separately.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

In a mixing bowl, combine the baking soda and corn starch. Save the citric acid for later.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Add the coloring a few drops at a time, and mix the color into the dry mixture using your hands or a spoon. If you want your bath bombs to be darker/saturated in color, you need to add more drops of color. If you're planning to make this single batch into different colors, you'll need to separate the dry ingredients (including the citric acid) into equal parts.

If you'd like to add a scent to your bath bombs, add your favorite essential oil or soap scent into the mixture a few drops at a time. Blend it in with your hands or a spoon until fully incorporated.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Add a 1/2 teaspoon of water to the mixture and stir until combined. Add water, 1/2 teaspoon at a time, until the texture becomes like damp sand and will keep shape when you squeeze it in your hand.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Stir in the citric acid.... 

**Record Scratch Sound**

As much as I want to leave this out, I feel that I need to share how I failed at this bath bomb making! It might seem like it, but not everything is perfect around here. After I mixed in the citric acid, I felt something wasn't right. The mixture felt like the right texture, but I could hear it fizzing. I shrugged it off since this was the first time and I didn't know what to expect.

I filled in one half of the bath bomb molds and pressed the mixture in. As I was filling the other half, the one I just filled was slowly expanding. As I pressed the two molds together, it was bursting out the seams! I ended up with a clumpy, goopy mess.

Troubleshooting: I'm certain I added way too much water. After the first 1/2 teaspoon, I thought it was going to be way too dry. I kept adding water until it was like "damp sand". I probably ended up adding about 3 teaspoons by the time I was done!

For this purple batch, I mixed everything the same way in exception of the water. This time I kept it at 1/2 teaspoon.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Add the citric acid and mix it in until it's evenly combined. You shouldn't hear any fizzing... In fact, if you need to make it a little "wetter", you could add a little bit of coconut oil.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

I scaled things back on this batch and used a silicone mold instead of the larger bath bomb molds. For even more dinosaur fun, use a plastic Easter egg as a mold to really "hatch" a dinosaur! That's how we wanted to do it, but our dinosaurs were too big.

Spoon the bath bomb mixture into the mold and pack it in with your fingers or the spoon. When it's filled halfway, press one of the dinosaur figures into the mixture.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Fill the mold the rest of the way. I left part of the dinosaur figure sticking out because those feet looked funny, but you can totally cover the dinosaurs for a complete surprise. My daughter loved that she knew a dinosaur was in there, but didn't know which one. It made the surprise even more exciting!

Since the bath bombs are still damp, they are very fragile. Let them sit for at least 12 hours to harden. If you're in a hurry, you can place them in the freezer for 30 minutes.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Carefully remove the bath bombs from the mold. At this point, you can package them for gifts, or put them in a container to use for bath time! Just make sure they are kept away from any moisture.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Drop the bath bomb in your next bath and watch it fizz! The kids will love the bubbles and watching their bath water turn into a different color.

DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

And just like that, a baby dinosaur has hatched! Dinosaur fans everywhere are going to love these DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs. They would be perfect to make for kids who refuse to get in the bath. If you are having a dinosaur party, simply wrap a bath bomb up in cellophane and give them away as a party favor!

What's your child's favorite dinosaur?

Don't forget to tun in for some fun prehistoric adventures with Gigantosaurus on Friday, January 18th on Disney Channel as part of the Disney Junior block!

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DIY Dinosaur Bath Bombs

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