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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DIY Race Track with Jump

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DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

My husband has always loved cars, and comes from a family of car fanatics. Ever since my daughter was born, he's been playing cars with her. They love racing and, of course, making the sound effects to go along. We were inspired by the new line of Fast & Furious toys to create our own race track with jump for them to fly through the air! The race track and jump are easy to make, and is such a fun way to create memories together with your kids and spend time together as a family.

My husband and I have been watching the Fast & Furious films together since they first came out, and are so excited to pick up a copy of F8 on DVD that was released on July 11th. 
Over the course of eight films that have successively stoked passion in an ever-expanding audience, Fast & Furious is a global box-office blockbuster that continues to entertain audiences of all ages. The newest chapter in this popular and enduring motion-picture serials of all time is The Fate of the Furious.

Inspired by the movie's real cars and characters, the new Fast & Furious line of diecast vehicles and playsets can be found in the toy aisle at Walmart! Playsets will be found on the lower shelves, while the diecast vehicles will be hanging up on display.

Before we made our race track, we played indoors with the the Frozen Missile Attack playset. This set includes die cast vehicle, diorama background, launcher, accessory pieces, and a mobile device stand to use with the Fast & Furious mobile app to record the action and add special effects!

Fast & Furious fans of all ages will have hours of fun recreating iconic movie moments launching the vehicle through the playset, avoiding missile fire from the molded MMV vehicle and speeding away just in time to dodge the incoming avalanche!

My husband was feeling nostalgic as he put the set together. It was easy to assemble, and my daughter and husband were launching Dom Toretto's iconic diecast Ice Charger vehicle into danger in no time! It was so fun to watch the two of them re-enacting Fast & Furious scenes and making memories together.

DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

Another fun way to recreate movie moments and have fun with Fast & Furious vehicles is to make your own race track with a jump to send them soaring!

To make your own race track, you'll need:
1 white 20x30 foam board
1 white plastic poster sheet
3 - 3 ft 3/16 Balsa wood sticks
strong glue
spray paint
craft knife

DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

For the race track, cut a 4" x 30" rectangle out of the foam board using the craft knife.

To create the jump at the end of the track, you'll need 3 foam board triangles. Ours measured about 1" x 8". Next, cut a 4" x 8.75" rectangle out of the plastic poster sheet.

DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

Choose your favorite color of spray paint and paint the Balsa wood sticks. My daughter chose a pearlescent teal color. Paint a few coats, but make sure to let the sticks dry before painting another coat.

DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

Once the sticks have dried, cut them to 30" with the craft knife. Mark the center of the race track. Add a little bit of glue along one side of the sticks, leaving about an inch without glue at the end of all three sticks. Place the sticks down on the foam board on each edge and down the center with the unglued ends all on the same side.

DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

To create the jump, we'll be using the three foam board triangles and Balsa wood sticks. There will be extra pieces of wood from when you cut it for the race track. Cut 3 pieces into about 3 1/2" long and 4 pieces into about 1 3/4" long. Start with the outside triangles and glue the ends of the 3 1/2" long sticks in between. Let the glue dry.

Line the third triangle in between the two triangles and mark where the sticks are. Cut three 3/16" notches out of the bottom of the triangle where you've marked. Carefully press the triangle down over the sticks and adjust any of the notches if needed.

Add some glue to the ends of the 1 3/4" long sticks and place the 4 of them in between the 3 triangles toward the top. You may need to trim the sticks to fit. Let the glue dry.

Last, add some glue along the top edges of the foam board and lay the piece of plastic poster sheet on top. The sheet was cut longer than the jump, so line it up with the upper edge with the excess hanging off at the bottom. You can connect the jump to the race track by carefully sliding the edge of the poster sheet in between the unglued wood sticks and the foam board at the end of the race track.

DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

Now that the race track is ready to go, we needed more cars to race and fly off the jump. Besides the Ice Charger vehicle from the playset, we also found a diecast of the tank, Ripsaw, from F8 and a couple of other diecast vehicles from Fast & Furious films!

DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

Prop the race track on something like your couch, a small chair, or take it outside and use bricks like we did! Get ready to race by lining up two vehicles at the top of the race track. Gently tap the backs of the vehicles and watch them go!!

DIY Race Track and Jump inspired by Fast & Furious #RevUpF8

The DVD for F8 was released on July 11th, so you can send the iconic Fast & Furious vehicles flying down the race track and off the jump while watching your favorite Fast & Furious vehicles in action on the screen!

Who's your favorite Fast & Furious character?

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  1. What a fun idea! Kids enjoy some of the simplest things, adults too actually!

  2. That race track looks like a lot of fun! I remember when I was young my dad bought me one and we used to play together racing our cars for hours :)


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