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Monday, November 9, 2015

Free Printable Inside Out Bingo

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Free Printable Inside Out Bingo to play at an Inside Out Party! #InsideOutMovieNight

Have you had the chance to see Inside Out yet? It's one of my family's favorite movies, and has been a lifesaver when it comes to discussing emotions with my daughter. Inside Out has just been released on DVD and Blu-Ray, so we stopped at Target to grab a copy for ourselves along with other must-haves to throw a fun Inside Out movie night at home! I've also designed an Inside Out Bingo that you can download to play to get excited for the movie!

Free Printable Inside Out Bingo to play at an Inside Out Party! #InsideOutMovieNight

Inside Out on DVD/Blu-Ray was easy to find at our local Target! My daughter spent a lot of time checking out the display and telling me about each of the characters and her favorite parts of the movie. Plus, Inside Out DVDs and Blu-Rays purchased at Target include 20 minutes of exclusive bonus content and deleted scenes!!

Free Printable Inside Out Bingo to play at an Inside Out Party! #InsideOutMovieNight

After grabbing the movie, we stopped (as we usually do) in the toy section and grabbed some Inside Out toys to play with while we watch the movie. It's been fun watching my daughter reenact her favorite scenes of the movie when she thinks I'm not watching.

Free Printable Inside Out Bingo to play at an Inside Out Party! #InsideOutMovieNight

Of course, no movie night is complete without snacks!! There's something for everyone in the candy aisle, but we chose some of our Market Pantry favorites that can also be used as markers to play bingo. I also love eating cinnamon imperials with popcorn - it's SO good! If you haven't tried it yet, you need to as soon as possible!

Free Printable Inside Out Bingo at #InsideOutMovieNight

Inside Out Bingo includes all of your favorite characters from the Inside Out movie!! In the bingo set, there are eight bingo cards in different orders, so it's easy to print and use for your parties. It's fun for every age to play, and the calling cards include the names of the characters in case you don't know who they are.

(Set includes 8 bingo cards and calling pieces in a single PDF file)

Free Printable Inside Out Bingo at #InsideOutMovieNight

The blank set works a little differently. You get one bingo card with empty spaces (except for the "free" spot). Then you print and cut out the bingo pieces so you can assemble the bingo cards yourself! Just glue the pieces in place, and you're ready to play! This is a great option for little hands that want to be creative, or if you have a larger group of people and don't want multiple cards that are the same. The blank bingo set includes all the same characters as the full set, but you can create your own bingo card setup.

(Set includes one blank bingo card, bingo pieces, and calling pieces in a single PDF file)

Game Instructions
1. Pick some kind of object to mark your squares or use a dry erase marker.
2. Give each player a Bingo card and markers (or put your own together with the blank set). Have each player put a marker over the free space.
3. Have one person choose a calling card and say it out loud. Each player will cover that item on their card with a marker. Once a player has 5 squares covered in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), they call out "BINGO!" and win the game!

Some things you should know before downloading:
*Artsy-Fartsy Mama printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
*You may NOT modify, re-sell, redistribute, or claim the design as your own.
*Please do not remove the credits/watermarks.
*If you share this on the internet, credit must be given to Artsy-Fartsy Mama & linked back to this post.

To lengthen the life of the prints, I would recommend printing the Bingo cards and calling pieces on cardstock and laminating or putting in a plastic page. All files are 8.5x11 inches and put together in a single PDF format. Have fun!! Would love to hear from you if you play using my printable!

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Who's your favorite Inside Out character?

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  1. we are huge Inside Out (and Disney Pixar in general!) fans! I am pinning for later!

  2. What a fun idea! I still havent seen this movie!

  3. I haven't seen it yet but want to - my favorite character is Sadness because she has glasses :0

  4. We just got this movie for my daughters Birthday last week but I haven't had a chance to watch it with her. She would love playing this game after we watch it! What a fun idea!

  5. We loved this movie! What a fun bingo idea!!

  6. We loved this movie: there is so much in it for kids *and* adults. I am also on Team Cinnamon Imperials with Popcorn too!

  7. We haven't seen Inside Out yet, but it is totally on our list! I'm thinking I'm really going to like Anger, though. I mean broccoli on pizza?? Haha! Thanks for sharing this awesome game! #client


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