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Friday, February 6, 2015

Teach Your Child Addition at Snack Time!

Teach Your Child Addition at Snack Time with Free Printable Math Bites Worksheet at

My daughter has been learning addition and subtraction lately, and seems to do better when she's learning in a more creative way. So, I created a fun "Math Bites" printable to help her practice addition at snack time! This would also be fun for kids who are out of school for the day (or summer) and need a fun learning activity to keep their brains working!

Speaking of snack time, I'm always looking for different snacks that my daughter will love, and that I won't regret letting her have. Honey Maid Go Bites (crispy graham pockets filled with vanilla or chocolate filling) have been just that. They are quite delicious and are made with 7g of whole grains and 5g of protein per serving, so I know she's getting some nutrition instead of just a sugar high. I even grab a handful when I'm needing a snack during the afternoon!!

Teach Your Child Addition at Snack Time with Free Printable Math Bites Worksheet at

Here's how the Math Bites printable works:
  1. Print out the Math Bites printable on cardstock and laminate.
  2. Give your child a small bowl and fill it up with some Honey Maid Go Bites or other small snacks.
  3. Have them put some pieces in each of the large boxes. Now they have more of a visual aid to help them learn to add.
  4. Count all the pieces, then write the answer in the last box with a dry erase marker.
  5. On the bottom of the page, there's a number line. If your child is just learning addition or wants to practice counting, add one piece at a time to each square. The number above each square will help them remember how many pieces there are. It's also a great way to begin teaching basic addition.*
*For example, for the problem 3+1, have your child fill up three squares on the number line. Then, show them how many snacks they will have if you add one more: there are four squares filled up! Then, show them how adding three snacks plus one snack in the larger boxes is the same thing. It just looks a little different.

Teach Your Child Addition at Snack Time with Free Printable Math Bites Worksheet at

I was going to create a subtraction page, too, but I figured it would be easy for your children to learn by just eating the snacks! Fill up the number line, then eat one or two pieces. Now how many are left??

I hope your kids have a lot of fun with this printable. My daughter has been loving it and it has really boosted her confidence being able to figure out the math problems all on her own. It doesn't hurt that she gets to eat all the Honey Maid Go Bites when she's done either!

Teach Your Child Addition at Snack Time with Free Printable Math Bites Worksheet at

Did you know less than 1% of children get the recommended amount of whole grains in their diets? That's why it's important for me as a mom to do better at finding snacks that are healthier for my daughter and provide the nutrients she needs. Honey Maid Go Bites are made with whole grains and real honey, which means they aren't filled with high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors. They also provide 15% of both the recommended daily value of whole grains (48g) and protein (34g), so I can feel better about letting her eat up at snack time!! You can purchase Honey Maid Go Bites in vanilla or chocolate flavors at most retailers nationwide for about $4.19 per box.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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