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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DIY Glitter Lamp

Since moving into a new house, there is one room that I've claimed as my new craft room. There's a lot of work being done, but it's looking SO fantastic! Unfortunately, there is very little decoration (yet), but I see it more as a blank canvas just needing a bit of color and sparkle.

Ikea Brån Lamp turned DIY Glitter Lamp from #ikeahack #glitter

This lamp is the first of many craft room decor projects to come, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out!! It's has all my favorite elements: gold, gorgeous, and of course, covered in glitter!! Just the thing to get my craft room starting to more like a place to sit and be inspired.

Ikea Brån Lamp turned DIY Glitter Lamp from #ikeahack #glitter

I've had the idea of wanting a glittery lamp for a while now, but didn't know exactly how to do it myself until I saw the Ikea Brån lamp. I love the shape, and glittering the inside of a glass jar or bottle is one of my favorite things to do (I've got a few tutorials already using this technique). I also purchased a white Jära Lampshade to go with it (don't forget your light bulb when you're at Ikea!).

Since I had the supplies, I assumed the project was going to be a quick and easy one. Well, unfortunately, I was totally wrong. These Brån lamps don't really want to be filled up with anything... The top of the lamp is glued on with some kind of super-magical glue that makes you work to get it removed. Not that that stopped me. 

**Please keep in mind that there is a chance your lamp base could break while trying to remove the top. If your lamp breaks, it's not my fault. I'm just sharing what worked best for me. Please use safety gear and work slowly.

Thanks to Jumbo Jibbles for figuring out that using a hair dryer on high heat will loosen the glue underneath the top of said Brån lamp for easy-ish removal. Be sure to keep the heat consistent by turning the lamp as you heat and aim the hair dryer at the metal housing instead of the glass. Wearing heat resistant gloves helps a lot. We kept the heat on for a couple of minutes, then were able to work the top off. Be careful - it will be HOT! Also try not to put too much pressure on the actual base and wear gloves to protect yourself in case it does break.

This sounds scary and impossible, but it really is doable with a little patience. I'm just warning you that it does make for a little bump in the glittery road.

Ikea Brån Lamp turned DIY Glitter Lamp from #ikeahack #glitter

After a little break from the stress of removing the light housing, we also were able to take the housing itself apart to give me just a fancy vase to work with. It takes a bit of work and some electrical savvy, so if you or someone you know can help you in the lamp and electrical department, go for it!! If you aren't just keep the cord and light housing in place to save you time and sadness when you can't get your cute, glittery lamp to work. The project can be done with the cord inside. Just keep in mind that it just might be a little annoying.

**If you do decide to take the housing apart to remove the cord, do so at your own risk.

Whew. Now that the hard part is done, it's really all a sparkly downhill road from here. You'll need some floor wax and some extra fine glitter. Any brand of glitter will do, and I personally use the Pledge brand of floor finish. It lasts forever, and this is the same bottle that I have used for numerous projects - look how full it still is!!

Ikea Brån Lamp turned DIY Glitter Lamp from #ikeahack #glitter

Place a sticker or some tape over the hole where the cord comes out the back. Glitter on its own is messy enough, but it will all just pour out like a funnel if you don't cover that up. Same goes if you're leaving the cord inside. Seal that lamp base up!!

Pour some floor wax into the lamp base. You'll pour out the excess, so more is usually better. I poured about 1/4" in mine. Since I poured my wax in fast, it created a lot of bubbles. You don't want bubbles. Let it sit for a minute or two, or lightly blow into the lamp base and the bubbles will disappear. Once you are bubble-free, tip the lamp to about 45º and slowly turn it. You'll be able to see where the floor wax has covered the inside of the lamp. If you miss a spot, just slowly turn the lamp and change angles until it's all covered. Once you get to the top, keep turning the lamp base over a  disposable cup or bowl and pour out the excess floor wax. If you get any drips on the outside of the lamp base, wipe immediately with a damp rag or baby wipe. If you see any spots you missed after pouring out the wax (you'll be able to tell), you can always repeat the process and get the spots covered.  

Ikea Brån Lamp turned DIY Glitter Lamp from #ikeahack #glitter

The glittering process is the same, but a whole lot more fun!! Pour the glitter in the lamp base (the more, the better). You'll immediately see some glitter sticking to the sides as you pour it in. Repeat the process by tipping the lamp base about 45º and keep turning and gradually changing your angle to cover the entire lamp. Pour out the excess glitter as you turn the lamp around to cover the neck of the lamp base into a disposable cup or bowl (not the same one as the wax).

All glitter and floor wax can be reused or poured back into the containers.

Ikea Brån Lamp turned DIY Glitter Lamp from #ikeahack #glitter

Once your lamp base is covered, sit back and stare in awe at it's glittery wonder. I was already in love!! Let it sit in a well ventilated area to dry for a few hours.

Ikea Brån Lamp turned DIY Glitter Lamp from #ikeahack #glitter

If you removed the cord, slowly and CAREFULLY fish the cord back up the lamp base and reassemble the housing. The wires may scratch some areas on the way through (mine sure did), but don't panic! Still reassemble the housing, but don't glue it down to the lamp base. You can pour a little bit of wax down into the side where you have scratches, and pour more glitter inside and carefully swirl and shake it around to cover them up.

If you kept the cord in, use some hot glue or some easily removable glue to reattach the light housing.

Add your bulb and make sure your lamp works, then place your lampshade on and you're all set! For under $30, you've got yourself a unique piece of art to light up your creative space.

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  1. This looks so cool! Pinned. Lou Lou Girls

  2. I'm not sure if I find this project terrifying or know me, I like living on the edge...I'm thinking I need one for my craft room too! Can I just copy you at everything cause you're so awesome?!


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