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Monday, March 24, 2014

Desk Organization Tips and Tricks

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Since I broke my leg, I have been stationed on the couch so I could put my leg up while I work. That also means my desk supplies and computer were moved to a temporary table to use. Well, the good news is that I'm feeling a lot better, so I recently moved my desk space back to it's original spot so I could get more blogging and designing done during the day. The bad news is that things are now a HUGE mess. No organization whatsoever, and it's not simple at all to find anything when I need it.

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Since I'm more mobile and can actually help around the house again, I've also been realizing how much we are needing to do some good spring cleaning. I went to Target and found the April editions of Cooking Light and Real Simple magazines and was excited to find some great spring cleaning tips and tricks! Plus, when you purchase these two magazines together at Target, you also get a $5 gift card! I don't know about you, but I can always use a little financial help when I shop at Target...

Since my desk area at home was such a mess, I found myself in the desk organization area and decided to put my gift card to good use and purchase a metal desktop storage unit. I also purchased some smaller plastic storage trays.

Desk Organization Tips and Tricks: simple spring cleaning and organizing ideas for your workspace #springcleaning #organization #FreshandFab

This "before" shot might not seem too terrible, but it was driving me crazy. The desk was covered in dust, and there wasn't a designated spot for anything. When things aren't organized, I have a hard time concentrating on what needs to get done. The desk drawers were just as bad. Full of junk, with no spot for anything. It's frustrating having to dig through everything just to find a pen or some scissors.

So, first, I cleared everything off the desk and used some cleaning tips from the Real Simple magazine. This issue has an awesome section with tips to make your cleaning routine faster and easier, and also has a literal A-Z guide of clever ways to clean and freshen up almost anything!

For example, did you know that using Pledge dusting spray can also refresh leather?! I used this trick on my leather desk chair and it worked great! Simply spray the Pledge on a cotton cloth and wipe it down. It can even work on leather shoes!

Desk Organization Tips and Tricks at #springcleaning #organization #FreshandFab

For the desk drawers, I used tips from the Real Simple magazine for cleaning out a utensil drawer. I chose some plastic storage trays in all different sizes to organize my office supplies, mainly because most plastics can be run through a dishwasher or at least hand washed. So when it's time to clean again, all I'll need to do is pull out the trays, and wash them out. The drawer should stay fairly clean.

Once I pulled everything out of the drawers, I took the time to get rid of anything that didn't need to be in there (i.e., random candies, papers, etc) to de-junk. It feels great to get rid of things you don't need anymore! Then, I used a damp cloth to wipe out the dust, and other small items out of the drawer. Another trick is to cover a ruler with a damp paper towel to get the corners of the drawers really clean!

Desk Organization Tips and Tricks at #springcleaning #organization #FreshandFab

Once my desk was thoroughly dusted and everything else wiped clean with a damp paper towel, I set up my desk space again with the desk storage unit. I love the storage spaces on both sides of the stand that will hold pens and any important papers or supplies. I can also easily fit my computer devices underneath the storage drawer that will hold my weekly planner when I'm not using it, which will free up a lot of desk space!!

I also had some extra space on top by my monitor to put a couple new projects (coming soon!) on display without getting in the way. Having everything in a place also made the cords less visible, which is a big plus for me!

Desk Organization Tips and Tricks at #springcleaning #organization #FreshandFab

I'm so much happier with my workspace, and am feeling so much more motivated to get to work. Just the thought of spring cleaning is overwhelming to me, but being able to tackle one job at a time makes it a whole lot less daunting. Plus, the "after" look of your home makes it all worth it!!

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  1. No kidding? That was your 'Before' photo?? It looks like my 'After' photo. I see I need some serious tidying up around here. Anyway, love the idea of the little wire shelf. That would be perfect for my desk too!

  2. Oh girl, you have no idea how badly I needed this post!! Can't wait to check out those magazines for more tips :)

  3. Looks fantastic, Lindsay! Love your use of aqua and fun, fresh and springy!

  4. where did you get the under-computer-storage unit???

  5. Aqua and yellow were just meant to be together!!!! I have that same owl Scentsy in my office!!! They now have a matching plug in!!! Yipee!

  6. So organized! I need to clean up my office space might motivate me!

  7. Love it! I need that "Make Today Awesome" sign. Did you make that?

  8. This is so inspiring. My desk looks like a Tazmanian Devil had a field day. And what Cheryl said... I kinda need that under-computer storage unit!


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