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Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Alphabet & Number Gems

DIY Alphabet & Number Gems from #kids #homeschool

My daughter loves learning and we are often working on homeschool projects and games to keep her entertained and learning new things. We're always counting and working on letter recognition and letter sounds, but now she'd really enjoying learning addition and seeing how to spell words. Since we are working on these kinds of activities all the time, I decided to gather a few simple supplies to make learning even easier!

DIY Alphabet & Number Gems from #kids #homeschool

Two bags of large, clear glass gems (usually found in the floral section)
Glitter Foam Letters and Numbers Stickers (from

Open the bags of gems and separate any that are broken or chipped. I did find two halves of a broken gem and was able to glue them back together with some E6000. Just be sure there aren't any sharp edges.

Peel off the sticker backing and press the glitter foam letters and numbers onto the flat side of the gems. I ended up doing two sets of numbers (0-9) and two sets of alphabet letters, plus a few extra vowels. The letters and number stickers come in about 5 different glittery colors, and the alphabet is all capitalized.

The sticker backing is pretty strong, so there was no need to use any glue at all. Because of that, this makes it an easy project for the kids to work on! Just hand over the gems and stickers and let them get to work.

DIY Alphabet & Number Gems from #kids #homeschool

Once you've got all your stickers in place, it's time to play! We had a lot of fun working on learning a series of words, like words that end in "at", "ot", and "ag" and talked about how they all rhyme and what each word means if she didn't know it already. Plus, it helps her learn to recognize the words more when we're reading and can spell them out loud on her own from memory.

With the number gems, we worked on odd and even numbers, and some addition and subtraction.  I would also ask her questions like how old she is, how many chairs are in the room, etc and have her find the right number to match.

If your child isn't quite ready to read, spell, or do math, no problem!! You can have your child spell their name, arrange the numbers to teach them your phone number, or just let them organize everything by color! The learning possibilities are endless and works for kids of any age, and at any learning level.

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Unknown said...

So cute!

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

Love this idea. Definitely pinning. I have so many of those glass pebbles from some old project this would be perfect

Jess Cox said...

My babies would get a kick out of this!

Jonie Marie said...

Such a fun idea!

Leanne said...

What a great idea! I bet she loves playing with them.

Jesseca said...

How smart is this idea?! Dax is learning to spell and these would be so perfect to help him out!

Holly {Bits Of Everything} said...

Glitter letters would be fun in any project! My daughter would love them. So fun! said...

Those are fun!!

Debra Hawkins said...

These are fantastic! We are working on spelling and reading right now in our house!

Unknown said...

How fun! My 4 year old was looking over my shoulder when I got to your page and now he REALLY wants some fun letters too. :) Thanks for the wonderful idea!

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