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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Silhouette Sketch Pen Holder

Silhouette Sketch Pen Holder

So, it's already a known fact that the Silhouette Cameo and Portrait are pretty amazing. It cuts paper, vinyl, and even fabric! Well, did you know that you can replace the blade with a Sketch Pen and your Silhouette can draw for you, too??!! I cool. Since I didn't want to lose them, I decided to create a sketch pen holder to store all my bright, fun sketch pens - using only my Cameo!

Silhouette CAMEO® or Silhouette Portrait™
Silhouette Studio® or Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition
Silhouette Sketch Pens
2 Sheets White Cardstock

First, I created my soon-to-be sketch pen holder in Silhouette Design Studio. I used the 3D Sketch Pen Holder download, then customized it with the Abstract Floral Circles Background and the Create Everyday design.

The pens are super easy to use, but I highly recommend scribbling with your pen to make sure it's working properly on a scrap piece of paper before loading it. I didn't even think about it on my first attempt, and it didn't draw everything like I wanted. The second time worked perfectly.

To load the pen, replace the blade of your Silhouette cutter with a sketch pen and lock it place.

Because I'm a sucker for anything glitter, I decided to use the Glitter Sketch Pens to draw my design. I used a metallic silver for the circle design, and a glitter black to outline the lettering. Using different color pens and cutting sounds a little complicated, but it really is simple.

Since I used silver just on the circle background, I selected everything except the circle pattern and clicked on "No Cut" in the Cut Style menu. Then, I loaded the cardstock & mat into the Cameo. In cut settings, make sure you select "Silhouette Sketch Pen".

For the next color (for me, it was glitter black), keep the mat in place and load your pen. Repeat the "no cut" step on everything that you don't want black. Click cut and draw the next color. If you are creating something that uses a lot of different colors, it may take a bit of time, but it will be worth it!

To cut, select everything you've drawn, and select "no cut". For this design, some parts of the box design need to be marked for perforation (for folding), and the rest can be cut as usual. Replace the sketch pen with the blade and cut the 3D Sketch Pen Holder. I chose not to do a design on the top piece of the box, so I cut that right after finishing the bottom half.

I used the glitter teal and pink pens to fill in the lettering on the sides of the box. I loved that the Silhouette drew everything for me, but it was fun to color it in myself. Even if you don't have a Silhouette cutter, you can still purchase the pens to use on your own. There are so many fun colors!

Give the pen a few minutes to dry, then fold all the edges and tabs of the top and bottom of the sketch pen box. The perforation setting made folding the cardstock easier than ever!

Add a bit of gluestick or double-sided tape to all the tabs and glue inside the box pieces, Let dry for a few minutes before putting the boxes together.

Silhouette Sketch Pen Holder

The top piece (with all the holes) fits inside the bottom half of the box. You can add a little glue to the inside edges of the bottom box if you want, but it's pretty sturdy on its own. Drop your Sketch Pens in the holes and now you've got a fun, unique, and beautiful way to store your pens and keep them organized!

The Sketch Pen Holder will hold up to 24 Sketch Pens and measures 6 5/8" x 1 3/8" x 3 1/8".

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I received product from Silhouette to review for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. LOVE that, Lindsay! Meanwhile, I can't believe your code is Fartsy. Lol. Made me giggle...

  2. These look fantastic, Lindsay! I can't wait to try sketch pens - I haven't gotten my hot little hands on some yet!

  3. Love this project, Lindsay! I didn't know you were a silhouette affiliate?

  4. This looks great! And thanks for the discount :)

  5. I have the metallic ones, but really want the colored ones!

  6. You are so clever! Now I just need to win one of these so I can make the cool sketch pen holder!

  7. This is killing me! I should of never looked at this post haha! I have the cameo and LOVE it! I mainly do vinyl on it. I bought the cricut mini since I was getting into paper crafting and figured it would be good so it wouldn't dull out my blades. Well 8 months later, I have sold all my cartridges for cricut on ebay and my machine is next. I figured it is like Pepsi and Coke, people typically have a favorite and although they both are good, you usually tend to love one more. Well the cameo is my love and I felt restricted with my cricut. I am more of a designer and just using cartridges was making me crazy and I just wasn't one of those people who could come up with amazing ideas with it. ANYWAYS back to my story...... now that I see this deal with portrait I soooooo want to get that! Ughhhhh! I thought about it all evening! But then I am stuck with the fact I already have a cameo, do I need the portrait? It's such a good deal thoughhhhhhh! Any thoughts?

  8. I have never used my pens. I know my Silhouette uses them, but I haven't gotten them out for anything yet. I should try it out!!

  9. Will this work for the new wider pens?


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