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Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Word Set

I hate to admit it, but summer is slowly coming to an end. Soon everyone will be back in school, the weather will cool down, and the leaves will start to change color. Since I've broken my leg, I feel like I am missing out on all the fun things in summer.

Summer Word Set

Some of my favorite decorations are my Spring Word Set and my Believe Word Set. So, for some summer decor, I took my daughter to The Wood Connection to buy a Summer word set. I wanted to decorate my home a little bit more for summer, and I had some cute products from American Crafts that were perfect for this project. The bad thing was, I went out and bought all the supplies the day I fell and broke my leg... so I didn't get to start on the project as soon as I had planned. I also wasn't able to get step-by-step pictures of the process, but I did snap a few with my phone to share on Instagram.

Since I literally can't get up on my own and am stuck on the couch with my leg up, my family was so sweet to bring the supplies to me (when I was feeling a little better) to do some "couch crafting". I think this project will be a little sentimental to me because it was my first project I got to work on since my fall.

American Crafts Neon Glitter Cardstock & Apple Barrel Neon Acrylic Paint

Wooden Summer Word Set (from The Wood Connection)
Neon Glitter Cardstock (from American Crafts)
  - Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Coral, and Purple
Apple Barrel Neon Acrylic Paints
Mod Podge
E6000 Glue

First, I painted all the letters (except the fronts) with Apple Barrel neon paints. The paint is a little thin, so I painted 3-4 coats. I also painted the "straps" and the center flower pieces of the flip flop in pink and orange. I love how bright the paints are, and they match the American Craft neon glitter cardstocks and glitters perfectly!

While the paint dried, I traced the letters face down on the backs of the glittered cardstock sheets. I used scissors to cut them out, and used an Xacto knife for the smaller details. American Crafts also has some bright, fun, neon glitters and neon glitter glues I wanted to use, but I was afraid of making such a huge mess in such a small workspace (aka my lap and couch).

Paint a small - medium amount of Mod Podge on the unpainted front of the block letter. Too much Mod Podge can make the paper rumple and crease. Carefully place the paper cutout on top. Press all over, especially around the edges to make sure the paper is adhered to the block letter. I also added some blue glitter paper to the small flower pieces for the flip flop.

To finish the flip flop (used as the "U"), glue the orange circles to the center of the blue glitter flowers with some E6000 glue. Let dry, then glue the flowers to the pink strap piece. Then, attach the strap piece to the flip flop block. Let dry for at least a few hours (overnight is best) before standing it up for display.

Summer Word Set

Once dry, your summer word set is done! Bright, sparkly, and colorful to bring some summer fun inside your home!

I received product from American Crafts in exchange for this review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. That is SO cute! But please don't tell me that summer is coming to an end. It just started here. I need lots more of it. :-)

  2. LOVE this Lindsay! Love the colors, and the flip-flops for the "U" - very cute. So glad you were able to craft despite your injury :) Look like your family is taking very good care of you!

  3. Look at you! Crafting with a busted a leg from the couch- dedication!!

  4. Look at you!! Crafting with a busted leg from the couch- dedication!

  5. I love the colors that you picked! But I'm on the same page as the other commentators! Let's not talk about summer ending! I'm not ready for cold weather!

  6. This is so darling! I absolutely love it. You are a rockstar crafting from the couch!

  7. SO Cute! What a fun project. And way to go still crafting from the couch! I love it!

  8. How fun! I love it, especially the u. Have a GREAT night! Barb

  9. I love this project!! Such fun colors and the glitter really makes it.:)

  10. Love your pictures - sorry you're stuck on the couch, but way to paint and just do it anyway!


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