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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Hair Bow Tutorial

About a month ago, I made an adorable dress from a Whimsy Couture pattern.
{Don't remember? Check out the post here.}

To complete the look, I wanted to make a bow to match!
So easy, and took about 15 minutes for me to put it all together.

Here's how you can make one {or a hundred}, too:
Start with a scrap of fabric.
I originally cut mine 5x7, but eventually trimmed it down to about 5x5.

It all kind of depends on the size of bow you want.
I would recommend cutting larger since you can always trim down.

Fold the fabric over horizontally, right sides together.

Sew down the edge to create a tube. Flip the fabric.

 Iron flat with the seam in the center.
{Image above is the front, seam is in the back}

Fold one of the side edges in about 1/4"

Sew the edge down and iron.
Repeat folding, sewing & ironing with the other edge.

Fold the rectangle horizontally in an accordion shape.
Hold tight in the center. Pin on both sides of the folds if you need to.

Carefully sew across the folds a few times. I just stitched, then backstitched a few times.

Lay your bow out and fan out until it looks just how you want it.

Cut a strip of coordinating fabric.
I cut mine about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. {You can always trim if you cut too long.}

Fold in half {so it now measures about 1x2"} and sew down both sides.
Flip and sew the edge like you did with the bow. Iron flat.

Carefully wrap tube around the center of the bow and hot glue the edges together.
You do not need to glue to the bow itself.

You could also make the loop, wait until it dries, then slide it onto the bow.
Whatever works for you!

Place an alligator clip through the loop.
I attached the top part of the clip {the part that is between the bow and the center fabric} with some E6000 adhesive to make sure it was secure.

Flip the bow over, fan it out/fluff it up and now you've got a custom bow to match your outfit!

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  1. Lindsay, this is a great craft to make for Zoe! :D

  2. Hello Lindsay,
    I love your hair bow, thanks for sharing the tutorial. It is a great idea to use the E6000 adhesive to much sure that it holds secure. You are so Clever! ;o) I am pinning the project to make later with the girls.
    Smiles, Paula
    {Thanks for following my blog.}


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