Princess Peg Dolls

My daughter LOVES everything princess. So, as soon as I saw the adorable Disney-inspired dolls that Lil Blue Boo made, I knew I had to try to make some for my little princess, too! They are all hand-drawn and hand-painted. I've made two sets so far {one for my daughter, and one for a friend's daughter}. I can't wait to make more!

What I used:
4x4" Box {to store finished princesses in}
8 wooden peg dolls (measure 2 5/16" x 7/8")
1/4" Wooden Dowel Caps
5mm Silver Acrylic Jewels
Acrylic Craft Paints
Wood Glue/Super Glue/Amazing Goop Glue, etc
Pencil {I used a mechanical pencil since I needed a finer line}

First, I sketched the basic shapes onto the doll. I used images of the princesses for reference.
Draw lightly in case you mess up and need to erase!

Next, I put a glob of Amazing Goop glue onto the dowel cap and carefully placed it on the head to make her a beautiful bun! I only put one on a few of them since not all the princesses have a bun.

Carefully paint the princesses. I didn't get a step of each color, but start with the lighter colors and go darker. It also helped to paint all the same color on all the princesses while you have the paint out. For example, I painted all the yellow first: Belle's dress, hair, flowers, etc. I ended up painting about two coats of each color.
Make sure to let each layer dry completely before painting your next color.
I also added a layer of glitter paint to each princess to add some *sparkle*

I also recommend getting some small, good quality paint brushes to get those tiny details in.
For the eyes, I carefully dotted on some paint with the end of my brush.

Next, glue all the jewels on.
{Not all my princesses have a jewel, but you can add them wherever you think you need an accent}
I also added two coats of clear varnish to protect the paint and the raw wood, and to give them some shine. 

The finished set:
{Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana - her face color really isn't that dark!, Rapunzel, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel}

The back:

More up-close images of all the princesses:

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Pinteresting Features n' Shtuff #23

Yikes. Sorry about the lack of posts this week. The design business has been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. But don't worry: I have lots of fun things in store to share!

We just planned a last-minute vacation to take the little one on her first trip to Disneyland this next week!!
Can't wait, it's going to be so fun! So, needless to say, this week's Pinteresting features all have to do with some Disney fun!

{Source: Pin via Craft-O-Maniac}

{Source: Pin via The Cupcake Blog}

{Source: Pin via Shery K Designs}

{Source: Pin via At Second Street}

{Source: Pin via The Suburban Mom}

{Source: Pin via The Handmade Home}

{Source: Pin via Lisa's Handmade Cards}

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Pinteresting Features n' Shtuff #22

No theme today. Just awesome shtuff!

{Source: Pin via The Quilt Barn}

{Source: Pin via Design Sponge}

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Refashioned Ruffle Skirt

A while ago we were able to score some t-shirts for only $1! I didn't have a plan for them, but I grabbed a bunch in different colors and knew I would come up with something eventually. Well, project number one was to come up with a new ruffly skirt for the little miss! I must admit, this is my first time EVER making anything with ruffles {gasp!}, but with a cooperating sewing machine and some patience, it turned out great!! So fun. Will definitely be making more.

Pretty cute, right? I love it!

Here's how you can make one, too...
{I apologize in advance for the lack of perfection in the photos, I took some during the day and had to finish sewing at night...}

Starting at the top left, here are the steps to prepping your skirt:
{depending on the size of your child, you may need more than one shirt or get creative with your cuts}
  1. I used an extra large t-shirt. Get out your cutting mat, ruler, and scissors or cutting blade and a washable ink marker. A cutting blade will give a cleaner cut, which is important if you don't plan on hemming the edges {the t-shirt edges won't fray after washing, so hemming isn't mandatory}

  2. Lay the shirt out flat {iron if you want}. Measure around the waist {my daughter's was 19 inches}. I made my measurements and marks from the left side of the shirt on the fold and kept the hem on for the bottom of the skirt. Since you'll be cutting two pieces at once, mark a rectangle half the size {9.5" but I did 10 to be even} plus 2 inches for seam allowance. Mark the length whatever you want your length to be minus 2 inches {we wanted 12", so cut a 10" length} because you will also be adding a waistband . *Remember, you can always cut longer and trim later. Better to have too much than not enough.

    For the waistband, I am not adding elastic. So mark/cut another rectangle 2 inches smaller than your skirt width and 6 inches long {mine was 8"x6"}.

  3. Fold the skirt in half length-wise and trim a SMALL amount off in a diagonal to make for a little bit of an A-line shape. If you want more of an angle, make sure to measure your cut wide enough to do so so you don't end up making your skirt too small. You can barely see it in picture 2, but I marked mine out first and then cut along the line. Now you will have two separate pieces for the skirt. Fold or pin together and set aside.

  4. Now you should have a giant rectangle cut out of the left side of the shirt and the entire right side. I trimmed off the bottom hem and set that aside**. Decide how many ruffles you want on your skirt and how wide you want them to be. I had 5 ruffles at 2 inches wide each. I also cut them 24" long. I probably could have used 6 ruffles, but I wanted some of the skirt section to show.

    The bigger the skirt, the longer you might want to cut the ruffles, and probably wider unless you want to cut a lot of them.

Put right sides of skirt together and sew along both sides.
I used about a 1/4" seam allowance.
*I also recommend trying the skirt on at this point to make sure it fits.
Flip and iron the seams {optional}

Flip the waistband and sew along the open edge.
Fold the top edge over so that your waistband is now 3" tall.
Iron the fold to keep it folded.

Not sure if all sewing machines work this way, but I am SO glad mine does. I set the tension on my sewing machine to about 7 1/2 and to the longest stitch. {I took a picture of the settings, but it didn't turn out that great - just set to highest tension and longest thread length} Then I just took one of the ruffle strips and sewed about 1/3 of the way in and the machine ruffled for me!

After a few times, I also made sure to leave lots of extra thread at each end so the ruffle didn't come undone... You can still adjust the ruffles if they gathered too much or not enough. Just carefully shift the fabric and be sure to hold on to the threads at each end. Make sure all the ruffles the same length and will fit around the skirt.

Sew the short ends of your ruffles together so you have ruffle loops. Sew the ruffles on one at a time, starting at the bottom. I lined up the first ruffle with the top stitch of the hem of the skirt. You can mark guide lines on your skirt before sewing, or align each ruffle with the top of the ruffle below it, barely touching. Pin the ruffle down as much as you want {I pinned a lot because mine kept shifting and I'm OCD like that...} and sew along your ruffle stitches.
I also lined up the ruffle seam with one of the side seams.

Once all your ruffles are attached, slide your waistband over the skirt with the fold side facing the bottom. Line up the waistband edges with the top of the skirt and the one seam of the waistband with one of the skirt seams.
Sew around the entire skirt with a 1/4-1/2" seam allowance.

Flip the waistband up and press the seam. Trim all extra threads.

Now you're done!

And of course I had to show it off on the model:
Gotta love that pose!!

**Remember that extra hem piece I told you to set aside?**
It made for a great matching headband!!
I'm also planning on making some other hair accessories with the leftover t-shirt.

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Pinteresting Features n' Shtuff #21 {Valentines!}

Happy {Almost} Valentine's Day!
If you still need a gift or ideas for your kids' Valentines, don't worry! It's not too late.
Here are a few awesome ideas to help you out:

{Source: Pin via The Creative Mama}

{Source: Pin via Mom on Timeout}

{Source: Pin via Craft-O-Maniac}

{Source: Pin via Blue Skies Ahead}

{Source: Pin via One Charming Party}

{Source: Pin via Crap I've Made}

{Source: Pin via The Mother Huddle}

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Free Printable Owl Valentines

I was putting these together last night and was so happy with how they turned out
that I just had to show off my daughter's Valentines this year:

Free Printable Owl Valentines at #valentine #freeprintable #printable

These are super cute just printed out - you can attach this to any treat...

Free Printable Owl Valentines at #valentine #freeprintable #printable

 but of course I got a little *crafty* with it:
Free Printable Owl Valentines at #valentine #freeprintable #printable

I whipped out my Xacto knife {carefully, of course} and cut along the bottom of the body and to his/her little toe. Then, I just put a Sour Punch straw through the cuts on each side and voila! A fancy little branch for the cute little hoot! The possibilities are endless for what kind of candy you'd like to use {i.e., suckers, smaller candy bars, pen/pencils, candy necklaces... etc}

I'd also like to share these Valentines with YOU!

Free Printable Owl Valentines at #valentine #freeprintable #printable
I made a girl and a boy version {because some boys don't want girly Valentines} for you to download.

I recommend printing the valentines on cardstock. They are sturdy enough to hold treats and easy to cut.

Because a lot of work goes into creating printables, here are some things you should know before downloading:
*Artsy-Fartsy Mama printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
*You may NOT modify, re-sell, redistribute, or claim the design as your own.
*Please do not remove the Artsy-Fartsy Mama logo/watermark.
*If you post this on the internet, credit must be given to Artsy-Fartsy Mama & linked back to my blog.

{Download Girl Owl Valentines Here}
{Download Boy Owl Valentines Here}