christmas stockings

I wanted to make my own Christmas stockings, and to make them non-traditional. While looking through the stores around Christmas, I noticed a lot of the decorations now come in all kinds of colors: purple, pink, blue & green. Perfect!! I found some material at Joann's Fabric and then made up a pattern of an elf-style stocking. The back is a solid purple material with some glitter in it, similar to the top flap material but I liked the white better for the top. I made the hangers the same material as the back.

I cut out strips of all the different colors of material and randomly laid them in a row. Then I sewed the strip together until they would fit the pattern. I like the angled stripes instead of the stripes being vertical or horizontal.
After having all the pieces cut out, I ironed on some interfacing to stiffen it up. I had bells to attach to the toes, but they were too heavy and folded the toes over. It was a bit tricky to get the tops sewed on, but I think it turned out pretty successful!! I love how they turned out!  I still need to cut names out and stick them to the top though. Good thing we have a Silhouette SD now! That should make the job MUCH easier!!


  1. Cute Christmas stockings :o) Love the bright colors and fun fabric.

    I like to go to a first post. To read how or why or what it was that got a blog started.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Our kids are grown, but look forward to sewing forgrandbabies... :o) My latest post is about a Cathedral windows baby quilt that I finally completed. I read your post on the rag letters for your daughter. That is so wonderful that you live near enough where your mom and mother-in-law are available for sewing with.

  2. I love them! And yes, I can tell that with this post you didn't realy know your "blog voice" yet. BUT, it's still a good post! ;)


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