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Easy 18 Inch Doll Socks

Easy Doll Socks you can make for your 18 inch or AG Dolls at
Now that my daughter's 18 inch doll is all set with doll leggings, she now needs some socks! They are easy for anyone to make, especially if you have a child who wants to learn to sew! The socks take about 5 minutes to make, and can cost less than $1!! If your child has a friend with a doll, this would be a fun project for them to do together to end up with matching pairs of socks for each doll!

Easy Doll Socks for 18 inch or AG Dolls at

First, get a pair of adult crew socks. No ankle socks, no knee socks. Just the regular crew socks will do, and you'll only need one. I've been able to find all kinds of cute socks in clearance bins (especially holiday socks), and a ton at the dollar store. You can also use socks that have already been worn. This is a perfect way to use that sock with a missing match or one with a hole in the toe..

Lay the sock out flat, and cut straight across just above the heel. You can throw the foot section away. You won't need it anymore.

Easy Doll Socks for 18 inch or AG Dolls at

Turn the sock inside out and lay it flat. Sew the bottom of the sock closed. You can use a matching thread, or basic white or black work great as well. Once the bottom is sewed closed, fold the sock in half vertically. Unfold and mark the fold line with a marker or pins.

Next, sew on each side of the line about 1/8" inch or so. Now you should have two vertical lines sewn and still be able to see the marked center line.

Easy Doll Socks for 18 inch or AG Dolls at

Cut along the marked fold line, being careful not to cut through the lines you just sewed.

Once the sock has been cut, turn them right side out, and your socks are done!!

Easy Doll Socks for 18 inch or AG Dolls at

Try them on your doll, and they should fit like knee socks. They are thin enough that your doll can still wear shoes, and it's easy enough to make lots more socks in different colors and patterns. The fashion possibilities are endless!!


  1. Those are so cute, Lindsay! I love how your tutorials are so doable. :) Sharing this!

  2. These are adorable and the perfect way to upcycle socks that may have lost their mate! Really bummed I did not meet you at SNAP - next time!!

  3. I would save the bottom of the sock and make something out of it for Barbie or Ken!


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