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Valentines Fingerprint Canvas

Easy Valentines Fingerprint Canvas at #kidscrafts #Valentines #plaidcrafts

My daughter is so excited for "Valentime's Day" and asked if she could paint some kind of project for the holiday. Of course, I said yes and immediately got out some supplies. Honestly, I'm not always too thrilled at the thought of a toddler getting into paints, but I totally trust Apple Barrel Craft Paint when it comes to kids crafts. They are water-based, so that means they are easy to clean with soap and water.

Easy Valentines Fingerprint Canvas at #kidscrafts #Valentines #plaidcrafts

Apple Barrel paints come in a variety of colors and bottle sizes, and gloss or matte finishes. Out of my Apple Barrel paint collection, she chose to use Bright Magenta, Bright Red, and Aquamarine.

Easy Valentines Fingerprint Canvas at #kidscrafts #Valentines #plaidcrafts

Next, I cut out some black vinyl on the Cricut ("Love" image found on the Create a Critter cartridge) and applied the vinyl to an 8x10 canvas. Be sure to press the edges down the best you can to prevent leaks!

Easy Valentines Fingerprint Canvas at #kidscrafts #Valentines #plaidcrafts

Now, it's time for your child to get started! I poured some Apple Barrel Aquamarine paint on a plastic lid. Then, my daughter dipped her finger into the paint and dotted fingerprints all over the canvas. Some washable paints are pretty thin, but I was surprised to see that the Apple Barrel color went on smooth, and the color was quite vibrant compared to other brands.

Keep baby wipes close by to wipe up any spills, smears, or other paint messes. It wipes right up without any trouble at all!! When going around the edges of the vinyl, try not to get too heavy with the paint. Other than that, let them run free with their creativity!

Easy Valentines Fingerprint Canvas at #kidscrafts #Valentines #plaidcrafts

Luckily, the paint dries pretty quickly, so we were able to move right along. I put the extra Aquamarine paint back into the bottle (just used my finger), then cleaned the lid with a baby wipe. I also used a baby wipe and her finger was totally clean! You could also take a little break to wash hands completely with soap and water. Then, I added some Bright Magenta to the lid, and let her keep painting.

Easy Valentines Fingerprint Canvas at #kidscrafts #Valentines #plaidcrafts

I thought we were done, but she said "Valentime projects need red!!" So, I cleared off the Bright Magenta paint from the lid, wiped off her hand, and added a small puddle of Bright Red for her to work with.

Easy Valentines Fingerprint Canvas at #kidscrafts #Valentines #plaidcrafts

We took a break to wash our hands, and when we came back the paint was totally dry. I used a vinyl hook tool to peel up a corner of the vinyl, then let my daughter peel up the rest. Luckily, there wasn't very many leaks at all!!

Easy Valentines Fingerprint Canvas at #kidscrafts #Valentines #plaidcrafts

If you want to do any touch-ups, you can use some white paint to cover any leaks. This was my daughter's project, so I let her decide. She wanted to keep it like it is, leaks and all. I absolutely love it and she was so proud of herself when I hung it on the wall (which is probably the thing I loved the most).

This project could also be done easily with a school class. Just use a thicker paper and stencils, and have the children put their creation on display or send them home to be framed!

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malia said...

I absolutely love this-- from the colors you chose to the meaningful sentiment... it's fab! Pinning!

Steph @ Three Loud Kids! said...

This is so super cute! I have absolutely got to make something like this with my children!

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

I like this as a grandparents gift, too! This may be what we do this weekend! :)

Mikaela Shafer said...

I friggin love this idea! I am so doing this with my girlies

Marilyn Clark said...

OH, I LOVE finger print crafts for kids....this is a great gift idea for relatives!

Laura Muir said...

Wow. That is so simple and adorable! My kids would love doing this, as would I! Darling! Thanks for sharing this cute art project!

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Laura Muir

Heidi said...

I love it! (Pardon the accidental pun.) I'm doing this campaign too - glad to run into you on the internet so soon after meeting in SLC. :)

Kimber Matherne said...

Such a fun idea! My little guy would LOVE making this!

Leanne said...

What a cute idea! And I love the colors! Pinned!

Jonie Marie said...

Such a cute idea! I love the little fingerprints :) Pinned

Lisa Northum said...

Very cute idea! My boys would love to do this one. Thanks for sharing and I'm pinning now! ~Lisa @ Practically Perfect Home

Heather {Woods of Bell Trees} said...

Super cute and awesome idea!

Michelle said...

So cute! Definitely doing this for Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing!

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