Allergy Night with University of Utah Health Care

My husband is allergic to almost everything that grows. He has a good attitude about it, but it's hard for me to watch (especially when spring and summer start) the things in the air making him feel awful. We are always stocked up with different allergy medications and emergency items, and have visited doctors trying to find a way to help him with minimal success because his allergies are so bad.

Allergy Night with University of Utah Health Care

On May 28th, the University of Utah Health Care is having an Allergy Night. If you are in the area, and you or your children (ages 5 & up) suffer from allergies, you should plan on being there. Dr. Kevin Wilson, an allergy specialist, will teach how to get relief, share the latest treatment options, and ways to treat your allergies at home. This also includes a FREE allergy test (skin prick) for 14 antigens.

Space at the event is limited, so RSVP as soon as possible by calling 801-585-3223. The Allergy Night will be held at the South Jordan Health Center: 5126 W Daybreak Pkwy (11400S) in South Jordan, Utah.

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