Hoo Are You?

Hoooooray! It's Tuesday!
Time for a little

1. Do you type on the keyboard the correct way, or do you peck like a cute little chick?
In between. I keep my hands in the right place, but peck away! I'm pretty quick though. When I have to do it the "right" way, it slows me down and my hands cramp up!!

2. Typically, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Typically, I don't get ready in the morning unless we have an appointment or if someone is planning on stopping by... but to answer the question, it probably takes me 20-30 minutes total to do everything (including shower!). But I'm usually getting mini-me ready as well, so let's just move that up to at least 45 minutes...

3. Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?
Lip gloss, but even with that I'm picky. I can't ever get the right color of lipstick, and it just seems to dry my lips out and crack off. I usually only have medicated ChapStick or strawberry SoftLips. The tingly menthol in them feels pretty cool! ...I'm weird.

4. Do you take clothes to the dry cleaner or wash them yourself even if they say dry clean only?
I have a hard enough time getting my own laundry done in my own home. In fact, I don't buy clothes that say "dry clean only" because I am just that lazy that I don't want to add another thing to my 'to-do' list. There, I said it.

5. Do you prefer WalMart or Target?
WalMart's prices are usually great, but Target has some cuter selections of some things. If something is on sale or clearance at Target, I will buy it. Kind of depends on what I'm shopping for... and I'm cheap. The bad part about me going to WalMart is I will go in looking for one thing, and end up leaving with a full cart. They're sneaky like that.

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  1. Haha! I have the same Walmart problem! And, you're not weird. That menthol tingling is awesome. =)


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