Hoo Are You?

Hoooooray! It's Tuesday!
Time for a little

1. Do you like the season, Fall?
No. I LOVE it! The weather is perfect  - when it lasts. Usually in Utah, winter makes it's appearance after what seems like 2 weeks of good fall weather. I get so excited for all the fun holidays coming up, love the changing leaves... yeah, Fall is great.

2. What is your favorite Fall smell?
I love all the pumpkin spice smells, whether it's the pies baking or a yummy candle burning. Right now I have a oatmeal cookie candle burning, and it's fabulous!!

3. What's your favorite activity to do in the Fall?
Fall is a lot more fun with a little one running around! She was just a baby last year so we didn't do as much. Carving pumpkins, corn mazes, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving... pretty much anything in the Fall is so fun!

4. Do you dress in Fall colors during the season?
Not intentionally. I do love getting to wear sweaters and layering clothes though! So many cute things to wear in colder weather.
(It's a nice change from summer when you see everyone wearing almost nothing... Summer's not really a good season for someone like me who isn't in the best shape...)

5. Name 4 qualities about yourself that start with each letter in the word F-A-L-L:
F: Funny
A: Artsy!
L: Likeable
L: Loony

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  1. Love the fall stuff too. It is such a great time of year!1

  2. Girl you are cracking me up with the Looney word! Too funny! Thanks for linking up to Hoo are you!

  3. I know what you mean by Utah weather! It is FREEZING out there right now. But hopefully by the weekend it should be decent!


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