Hoo Are You?

Hoooooray! It's Tuesday!
Time for a little

1. Do you sleep with the fan on or the window open no matter what the weather is like?
We always have a fan on, mostly for the noise. Right now since the weather at night is nice & cool, we keep the windows open so we don't have to have the air conditioner on. During the summer though, the windows stay closed. Way too hot at night!

2. What is your favorite comfort food?
Probably pasta. Any kind. Spaghetti, mac & cheese, or even plain with a little butter. My daughter loves it when we make her some "noonles" too :) Ice cream is another comfort food that I could go on & on about...

3. Do you ever go to a chiropractor?
Nope, I sure don't. Most likely never will unless I have to.

4. What is your most memorable Halloween costume growing up?
When I was about 4, I was Strawberry Shortcake. Had the giant fluffy hat, the dress, and pink hair. It was awesome.

5. Do you prefer the sunrise or sunset?
Definitely the sunset! I'm usually not up to see the sunrise most days anyway, but I love a beautiful sunset. I'm jealous of my brother who gets to see those gorgeous Hawaiian sunsets every night!

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  1. I was Strawberry one year also , Im also Jealous of your brother lol Lucky guy !

  2. We keep a fan going at night just for the noise. Pasta and ice cream are two of my weaknesses too....just not together!


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