lmnop of me!

I saw this fun idea posted at C.R.A.F.T. & at AGAAGG 
and wanted to play along!

So lucky you, you get to read more about ME!!
Which could be scary, so I apologize in advance...

 A. age: 28 
I'll admit I just had to do the math to figure it out...
and no you aren't mistaken. It was my birthday last week and I still wasn't sure how old I was...

B. bed: queen

C. chore you hate: folding laundry

D. dogs: I used to have two pugs, Stanley & Lola
no, these are not them... but do think animals in clothing are hilarious!

E. essential start to your day: taking medicine & feeding the diapered one before she has a meltdown...

F. favorite color: depends on the day, but today's colors are turquoise & purple

G. gold or silver: silver! Come to think of it, I don't think I even own anything gold...

H. height: 5 feet 8ish inches

I. instruments you play: I played piano when I was 8, but then I quit. I can play "Happy Birthday" and the scales though... that counts, right?? No? oh... crap. Then I've got nothing.

J. job title: um... mama, wife, graphic designer, maid, chef... you get the idea

K. kids: uno! and she's my favorite one!!
No, she's not a siamese twin... we just love playing with the mirror feature!

L. live: in between Salt Lake & Provo, Utah
I like to leave a little mystery...

M. maiden name: Carter
no, I'm not related to Jimmy Carter.

N. nicknames: a-mamamama is the most popular one right now.
Lizard, Leonard and Archibald are some others given to me by my family...

O. overnight hospital stays: one 
and stayed for a week when my daughter was born & had to stay in NICU

P. pet peeve: people randomly using an accent,
mostly when they talk about food
I'm sure Giada De Laurentiis is talented, but I CANNOT watch her shows.
She talks normal until she gets to "mozz-a-ray-la" or other Italian words...
If you haven't noticed this yet, you're welcome.

Q. quotes: oh... so many to choose from...
see my quote board on Pinterest if you don't believe me!

R. righty or lefty: righty all the way!

S. siblings: 2 sisters & 1 brother
{I'm the dork on the left...}
...and I will probably get in trouble for posting this. Oh well!
Love you Nattles, Twit & Poo! **WINK**

T. time you wake up: on a good day, 9:00am...
most days, however, my alarm clock (aka a certain 1 1/2 year old)
has been going off at around 7:30am... blech.

U. university attended: not really a university, but College of Eastern Utah
which is now part of Utah State University, so that's close enough, right?

V. vegetables you dislike: everything except corn, potatoes & green beans
...that's easier than listing everything I dislike.

W. what makes you run late: I'm blaming it on the mirror.
If it didn't make me look like crap, I wouldn't have to spend so much time trying to fix it!

X. x-rays you've had: only the ones from the dentist.

Y. yummy food: chicken alfredo - pasta of any kind, really... Thin Mints, Mexican food, potato chips & cottage cheese, green apples (and green apples ONLY),
strawberries & homemade fruit dip, nachos..
um...yeah... I like to eat.

Z. zoo animal favorite: I love those Potamuses, of course!! I like the penguins, too.
we call our daughter Potamus and I named my business after her, too...

So... now you know! Want to play along? Go right ahead :) If you don't, that's fine, too!


  1. This is so fun! I think I'm going to be hopping on the train! :-) Love reading more about you. And congrats on 600!!!! *does retarded white girl happy dance*

  2. What a fun post!!!! Happy Labor day weekend

  3. This was a fun read! It's great to know more about you...I might have to jump on the band-wagon!


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