Awards & Shtuff

I've been so lucky to be given a couple of awards & I just wanted to say thanks!

From Hannah at Daughter By Design

Here's 7 random things about me...
1. I love to watch cooking shows, but I'm not much of a cook.
2. I'm a licensed Pharmacy Tech
3. I'm a complete introvert, but blogging has helped me to meet new people and be more social
4. I've never broken any bones or have been in the hospital, in exception of having a baby
 5. I would love to be fashionable & cute, but that costs a lot of money & I don't know where to start...
6. I get mini panic attacks before using the Silhouette & my sewing machine. I'm afraid of messing everything up!
7. I love scuba diving & hope to go diving in Hawaii & the Caribbean someday!

I'd like to pass this on to these fabulous blogs:

From Christy at Christy's Cuties

10 things that make me happy...
1. My husband - he is my best friend and the best husband! I don't know where I'd be without him. I love that he just gets me & is patient with my craftiness!
2. My daughter - I love her laugh, snuggles, and she has the best sense of humor. Love that girl!
3. Crafting - coming up with ideas, creating things & blogging about it
4. Graphic Design - love coming up with new ideas to create something fantastic & making someone's event/blog special!
5. Reading comments & seeing new followers on my blog (thank you ALL!!)
5. Watching Wipeout!
7. Cruises & vacations with my family
8. Seeing a project turn out better than expected
9. Mint mint chocolate chocolate chip ice cream from Cold Stone
10. Painted toenails and new haircuts

I'd like to pass this on to even more fabulous bloggers:

**On another note: I've been informed that you can still use the code STMMMS37162 to get $10 off the My Memories Suite v.2!! Head on over to and get yours, you'll be glad you did!

**Another random note: On my side bar I added a gadget that I thought might be fun. You can ask me any questions you want, maybe even suggest post topics you'd like to see, or just ask whatever's on your mind! Could be fun.. we'll see... :)


  1. Well thanks for passing random questions on to me! I don't know what I'm supposed to do with them, but I think i'll try and figure it out. :-) BTW there is nothing funnier than watching Wipeout imo!

  2. Well thanks! You are too sweet! I'm on vacation right now but will try to get something up soon!

  3. Thanks so much for the award.. Oh wow, looks like we share somethings in common especially mint chocolate chip ice cream and traveling :)
    Take care

  4. Thank you so much for the award!!! I am honored! :)Thanks again xo Jessica

  5. your lists are great!!! Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday

  6. Thank you so much! How sweet are you for giving me an award.... my very first to be so frank!


  7. Congratulations on your awards (aka Blog Hugs!)It is fun reading more about you. I was scrolling through trying to remember where and if it was on a past post that you posted about making a ribbon flower? Did you post about that? I was scrolling through, I saw your award post here. and thought you would think it neat that the 101 award was created by our daughter :o) back in 101 + a giveaway back in Nov 2009. She introduced me to what a blog even was about and started my blog up for me. I love her blog, but with work, she hasnt been able to keep up on it. And she started another one about their growing family and opened it to only to family to keep up on :o)

    Hope you do get to do some diving in Hawaii :o) I am so thankful that my hubby's family are all from Hawaii...althought we hadnt been back as often as we would have liked, it is always great to know we have a wonderful "excuse" to go to Hawaii ;o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Oh please let me know if you did a post on making a ribbon flower.


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